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  1. Hi Carol!
    It was so nice speaking with you the other day. I’ve checked out your facebook page and website and you are an amazing artist! We would love to work with you for our October 4th wedding at the Gathering place. I have a couple of ideas for our cutting cake. Were going with a rustic woods theme colors vary between tan, white, natural green, and possibly some subtle pink. We plan to use some fresh herbs and mason jars in our flower arrangements.
    Some pintrest pages created for me:

    I absolutely love this wood grain cake!! A perfect fit since we both work for the Forest Service!

    Venue: The Gathering place October 4th 2014. Ceremony starts 2 pm. were expecting 130 guests max.

    It would be wonderful if your services could include bringing and setting up table and backdrops, transport Trappers pies to our venue, making a cutting cake for us, and possibly two sheets of cobbler (blackberry and peach maybe?) and the secret grooms cake. I noticed on a couple of cakes you used an old set of white doors for your backdrop. Is that available to use?

    Looking forward to working with you….
    Grace Hancock

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